Eve: Dolls - The Best Years Of Our Lives from Rock'n' doll - by Mr Big's Eric Martin

SACH (Sachi) Dr / Cho 9 May 7, 1996 A type
EVE (Eve) Vo / Gt 1996 April 12 AB type
September 25 MYU (cocoon) Ba / Cho 1997 years O type

Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture

[Activity history]
formed the band in 2010, childhood friend three people.
Entry in December 2011 "SCANDAL copy band / vocalist contest vol.2".
Despite the contest's first challenge, won a superb Grand Prix from among the applicants total 500 sets.
First demo recording in April 2012 Kitty Izu studio. At this time, the first time too in the individual as well, which is showing off
high-quality original songs 3 songs, turned out to be a composer of the father of the base Mayu is a janitor of an elementary school,
it was pulled stunned staff.
May 2012 "King record × Kodansha Dream Vocal Audition" from among the applicants total number 10,000 pairs
finals advance. It rocked the full house of Akasaka BLITZ the only band form of 15 pairs were collected witnessed the mass media, officials 500 people attention.
July 16 SCANDAL sponsored live "I try to do the band! Vol.3" 2012 SCANDAL, Stereopony, played with FLiP like.
Two songs in front of 1,200 girls band fans were debuted. On this day 1st maxi single "dolls" 200 sheets, which was launched at the venue is in the twinkling of an eye
and sold out, I was able to long queues in the merchandise booth.
To SOLD OUT a one-man live in March 2014 Nagoya Heartland, in August of the same year was carried out one-man live in Nagoya quattro.
Are determined also the first of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka 3 Man tour in the fall. Right now the dolls (Dolls) is in Nagoya, it has attracted attention.


June 17, 2015 release!
Mr.Big Eric Martin to provide music of! Girls band "dolls" debut for the next generation! !

For details, click here ↓Http://Www.Universal-music.Co.Jp/dolls/



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