News: ESP Guitar students to learn the guitar manufactured by kraft Academy Osaka schools

Special project was realized in collaboration with ESP Guitar Craft Academy Osaka School and artists, [trying to make a musical instrument along with the artist] !!!

☆ Start April 2016 [GCA Osaka × AYA1000RR] ☆

this project, ESP Guitar students to learn the guitar manufactured by kraft Academy Osaka schools, a combination of learned knowledge and technology, in cooperation with our friends, is what the "make up the ideal of the original guitar or bass for artists." Further knowledge and friendship born from there. And a sense of accomplishment will be will add the spice irreplaceable in the music life that seems to last a lifetime in the future.

Reports the whole story !!

[the AYA1000RR (Aya Sen double ares)?]

College ESP entertainment singer-songwriter course graduation.
Activities in as a "singer song Rider" instead of a singer-songwriter from in Zaiko.
Bike in love, car is CBR1000RR.
Music is a wide range from the love song to the tune of the bike, fan base has also been support to high school students from the adult.
Also active as a talent "AyaBan thousand".

○ music activities
Yamaha Music Revolution Osaka semifinal tournament
Ru · TV Asahi MUSIC TV @ kansai appearance
Sun TV "Like a wind" of the ending theme in charge of
"in the day-to-day Yuku by Norisugoshi" · CD single AYA1000RR (Ayasen) sale

○ TV
· TV Asahi "specialist" first episode, second episode appearance.
· TBS "I will quit Yamegoku yakuza" TV
Sun TV "Like a wind"

○ CM
-super Seiyu
Private Vieira
, ShizuKiyoshi Rehabilitation Hospital

AYA1000RR Twitter Https://Mobile.Twitter.Com/aya1000_rr AYA1000RR HP Http : // guitar manufacture, repair and modification learn professional school ESP gUITAR CRAFT ACADEMY OSAKA / ESP Guitars guitar Craft Academy Osaka Yubinbango530-0016 Kita-ku, Osaka Nakazaki 3-1-2 ESP Umedahigashi building GCA lots event information of the Osaka school here ↓Http://Www.Esp-gca.Com/school/osaka.Html