Nico Wyland: 'Seventh Sky - FerrariLover - Ambient guitarist new album of hypnotic music, lush and minimal effects

Ambient guitarist Nico Wyland, who uses the artist name 'FerrariLover,' creates genre-defying songs using hypnotic, lush and minimal effects, and has finished her first record, 'Seventh Sky,' streaming on this site and set to be released on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Spotify in January 2017. The seventh and final song completing the album will be mastered and revealed soon!  The record was completely improvised.

Fans of classical or meditation music, Cocteau Twins, Noveller, Blonde Redhead, Spiritualized, Air, My Bloody Valentine, Cranes, Joy Division, Sonic Youth, Japan/David Sylvian, the London Suede, Love and Rockets, Vladislav Delay, Simple Minds, and the Cure may find resonance with Nico’s haunting cinematic improvisations— yet her music appeals to fans of any genre.  

As a creator of non genre specific transcendent works, Nico seeks to find new ways to merge modern music and experimental sound art in contemporary exhibition spaces, installation, and performance.  Her passion is making beautiful recordings and constantly researching and testing new guitar effects.

Nico's work includes ambient pieces and improvisations, which play with the skeletal elements of song.  The artist name ‘FerrariLover,’ is taken from the title of one of her first songs.  The name is intended as a play, representing other-worldliness, divine qualities, and transcendence, and thus points to refinement and a subtle interpretation beyond an apparent superficial sense.  Her music is intended to reach the divine place that resides in all of us.

Nico has a degree in Philosophy from Vassar College.  In April 2016, Nico's work, 'VVS 1' was included in a sound art exhibition on the subject of climate change at The Listening Room online gallery:  On 15 August 2016, 'VVS 1' will be featured and available for free download in The Listening Booth Collection 2, an online sound art exhibition curated by GGeorge Arts London:   This collection features works which show that the mp3 can stand alone as a gallery in its own right.  She has also shown sound art at Huset Gallery, Gent, Belgium, and continues to show her work at the Academy of Film and the Arts in the same city.

These works experiment with and explore the concepts of internal and external. The resulting experience of sound becomes both a meditation on sound and the sound of meditation— where 'the sound of silence' —the space required to listen—is born—and a heightened level of awareness is created.

In such a manner, the sound and the inner silence experienced by the listener are further sensed in the most subtle of ways as continually becoming one.

Nico's first official sound art work is an assemblage containing the voices of artists, including Miranda July and Jonas Mekas.  One can listen to it by clicking here: as part of a public art project created by Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher. The site has since been acquired by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Life, in the experience of sound, becomes a song. These works deal with the themes of Life & Death, Eternity & Agelessness, the Real & the Unreal, the Physical & the Subtle, True Love & Romance, Destiny & the Divine and Dark & Light.  ॐ नमः शिवाय

Expect more exotic guitar fun with original painting cover art from Ferrari Lover in the coming years.

Slow Motion Pirouette by FerrariLover