Pinxi Liu: YoYo - Angel Of Darkness and Cross from the 9 year old Shanghai shredder - whose idol is Jennifer Batten!

Pinxi Liu: YoYo - "My idol Jennifer Batten. She is an American guitarist. Batten played in all three of Michael Jackson's world tours"

YOYO (Pinxi Liu), born in 12th Dec 2006, a 9 years old girl.
She make her public playing show in Oct 2015, China (Shanghai) Musical Instruments Exhibition, invited by JOYO company as guest performer; then 2016 Guitar Spring Evening, invited by Guitar China, the biggest online guitar community in china; and then the Guangzhou International Musical Instruments Exhibition also invited by JOYO company as guest performer.

A 9 year old girl YOYO(Pinxi Liu)Cover Angel Of Darkness-Andy james

This one from the shredding Shanghai tiny terror at the age of 8

Cross-Ozielzinho, Cover by 8 year old girl YOYO(Pinxi Liu) from China