Ayla Real: Since I've Been Loving You


Blues, Jazz, Rock, Fusion

Home Town

(Most notably)
PVG Music Award (2013)
NG Award for Fine and Performing Arts (2014)
Scholarship for a week long guitar Summer program at the Berklee College of Music in Boston (2015)
Full tuition Scholarship for Berklee five week 2016 Summer Program (2015)

Since I was a baby, I have always loved music. Whether it be taking singing lessons or playing the console game Rockband with my brother, music had always been a significant interest of mine. At the age of 9, I began playing the cello. This was also about the time that my incredibly supportive parents finally agreed to let me purchase my first guitar: an awful, blue Speyer mini with a broken neck pickup. Though I occasionally would sit down for all of two minutes to "practice" the few songs that I knew (Smoke on the Water, Ode to Joy, and Yellow Submarine), it wasn't until three years later at the age of 12 that I actually began my guitar journey. Along with music, I am also very passionate about Musical Theatre, and have enjoyed being a part of the Gotta Sing Gotta Dance musical theatre program, and will be taking part in my school's musical production this upcoming school year.

Since I've Been Loving You- Guitar Cover by Ayla