Heather Faulkner: New piece called "Parallel." - Progressive/Metal


Heather Faulkner began playing guitar at the age of 11. She studied with many teachers including Gina Stile of Vixen, Vora Vor of Braindance, Michael Belajones and Steve Booke. She attending school for music where she learned over 40 classical pieces. Many of her ideas are still derived from these works.

In the late 90's she performed with Gothic/Pagan themed all girl Alternative/Metal band Sympathetic Magic the band was a nationally known act with over a hundred performances under their belt. With haunting vocal melodies and dynamic grooves the band had a large cult following.

In 2005 she joined Punk/Metal band Korro the band achieved regular radio play as well as being nationally known. The band received favorable reviews from critics. The band went on hiatus shortly after the birth of her son.

In 2015 Heather was honored when she was asked to do studio work for Danny Castro her solo's were featured along with guitarists from Testament, Megadeth and Black Sabbath.

Heather is working on a Progressive Rock album scheduled to be released in the fall. She is also part of new all female cover band called "Lay Your Hands on Me" Heather will perform as "Rachel Sambora" featuring the music of Bon Jovi.

Writing witchy music on a fall night ;). New piece called "Parallel."