Marcela Campos: new EP featuring Scott Henderson and Philip Bynoe

Marcela Campos: It’s finally here!!!
I’m happy beyond words to have the EP at last in my hands! My heart is so filled with joy & gratitude! 
I wanna send a big thank you for all the amazing people involved in this project:

Juan C Gonzalez Munguia, Marcelo Bucater, Philip Bynoe, Scott Henderson, Luis Enrique González Mora, Jesper Windmar,Gabriel Acuña, Henrique Souza.
You guys were incredible and made everything with excellence.
Also wanna thank my beautiful family, my friends and everyone that supported me during the whole process, got excited with me about the album and asked me endless when was gonna be ready.. Thank you!!!
And last but not least, thank you Spectraflex Cables and Clayton Picks for the support!
I truly hope you guys enjoy it, it was made with a lot of love and of course, rock and roll!

Marcela Campos new EP featuring Scott Henderson and Philip Bynoe

Available for streaming at: Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal.

For physical order signed copies at:

Marcela Campos EP