Stephanie Pickard: How to Play Kashmir - How to Play Kashmir - Led Zeppelin Guitar Riff Lesson

Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page are classic rock legends. Songs from Led Zeppelin, and in particular Jimmy Page’s guitar riffs and solos, have inspired countless generations of rock guitar players. Led Zeppelin are blues based 70s hard rock icons. Songs like Dazed and Confused, Ramble On, Whole Lotta Love, Immigrant Song, Black Dog, and of course Kashmir have cemented Led Zeppelin in the annals of rock. In this killer Guitar Control lesson, Stephanie shows you how to play Kashmir.

Kashmir is in an alternate tuning. You can learn how to play Kashmir on guitar standard tuning, but the odd shapes that Jimmy Page uses and the Dsus tuning give this song its characteristics. There are some very different chord shapes in this song, which Stephanie shows you when she teaches you how to play Kashmir. The chord shapes here are challenging. As you learn to play Kashmir on guitar, you’ll find that it’s not as difficult to make these chord shapes as it initially appears, but getting started might take some time. Stephanie shows you how to play Kashmir on electric guitar and explains the tuning of the guitar to get the sound on the record. This is a great Led Zeppelin song to learn. It sounds cool and it’s interesting to play.

Learning how to play Led Zeppelin on guitar, regardless of what song it is, will teach you about fusing the blues and classic rock licks together. Jimmy Page guitar licks and Jimmy Page guitar riffs are licks and riffs that leave a lasting impression. Jimmy Page is perhaps one of the best rock riff composers in music. Many of the Led Zeppelin riffs are so intrinsic to guitar playing and classic rock radio, we sometimes take them for granted. They’re just these magical chunks of music we love. In this lesson with Stephanie, you’ll learn how to play Kashmir. You’ll learn the Kashmir chords, learn how to play the Kashmir guitar chords, how to tune your guitar for the song, and how to play Kashmir on guitar. Great lesson and fun to learn.

How to Play Kashmir - Led Zeppelin Guitar Riff Lesson