Christie Lenée: Waiting for the Sun

During the music video shoot for my song "Stay" we stumbled on this beautiful moment in time. We were waiting for the sun to be in the perfect lighting for the music video and had about 10 minutes for a break.... The sun was shining through sky windows of the art gallery with a sweet angelic presence. Synchronistically, we were shooting a music video for my song "Stay" dedicated to my dear friend Adam who passed away back in 2008. Such warmth, comfort and radiance in the sunlight symbolized a presence greater than words could describe. It was far beyond than the human dimension and a spiritual moment that swept over me.

So I went to the front of the art gallery with my 12 string guitar, felt an enormous amount of emotion and warmth running through my fingertips as the flow of creativity embodied me. I felt the presence of Adam and this piece came pouring through me, as if I was only the channel for the music... as if the music played me.

I'd barely touched my ideas before I asked the videographer if he'd start rolling the camera. Surely we were there to shoot a completely different video, but I was in the spirit of creativity and figured we should capture the moment.

So this is where the music led me... to the first (and only) cut of "Waiting for the Sun" (well, for now at least). :)

Waiting for the Sun