Stephanie Pickard: Cream Spoonful Guitar Lesson - Cream Blues Lick Lesson - Cream Spoonful Guitar Lesson - Cream Blues Lick Lesson

Besides being considered one of the first supergroups and a forerunner of the power trio genre of music, Cream are considered on of the premier blues rock bands. Jack Bruce on bass, Ginger Baker on drums, and the legendary Eric Clapton on guitar are the members of the short-lived supergroup. In the relatively short time they were together, the band turned out some great blues stuff, including Spoonful, a cover of a song performed by Howlin Wolf and written by Willie Dixon. In this Cream Spoonful guitar lesson from Guitar Control, Stephanie shows you how to play the Cream version of Spoonful.

This is a blues guitar lesson as much as it is a Cream guitar lesson or a Howlin’ Wolf guitar lesson. This Willie Dixon song performed by Cream and demonstrated here by Stephanie retains every bit of the classic blues feel of the Howlin’ Wolf blues guitar song. In this Cream Spoonful guitar lesson you learn to play the intro licks to Spoonful by Cream. Stephanie breaks the licks down for you note by note and shows you the blues guitar techniques used to play Cream Spoonful on guitar.

Check out this Cream Spoonful guitar lesson and check out the Cream Spoonful guitar chords. You can also check out the Spoonful tab that goes along with the lesson. This Cream guitar lesson is a great lesson for beginners who want to get into playing the blues or learning how to play Cream on guitar. It’s a killer look at the Eric Clapton guitar style and a great way to learn some classic blues rock licks. If you’re a fan of Cream, learn to play Spoonful on guitar with this lesson. If you just want to learn how to play Spoonful or you’re looking to build your blues rock guitar chops, this is an awesome guitar lesson for that as well.

Cream Spoonful Guitar Lesson - Cream Blues Lick Lesson