Juliette Jade: Terrarium the Home Demos - by the artist formerly known as Juliette Valduriez


I’m happy to announce you that i just finished my album.
Here is the link to my Bandcamp page :


I would like to thank you for the support you gave me, all along.
I truly appreciate it.

Juliette Jade

PS : Valduriez is my last name. But from now on, i will use my middle name, Jade, instead of it.

1. Allegory 02:36
2. Room 7 04:06
3. Diadème 05:09
4. Killer 04:49
5. Misery 02:17
6. Hélicoptère 03:19
7. Frozen Time 02:18
8. Jusqu'à la fin 02:41
9. Ashes Of Light 05:25
10. Ombre et lumière 03:27
11. Dusk 04:00

released December 23, 2016

All music composed, performed, recorded, produced by Juliette Jade.
All lyrics written by Cati, except track 2, written by Juliette Jade.
Artwork by Cati.