Edina Balczo: Esteban de Sanlucar: Panaderos Flamencos

This is my guitar cover of Panaderos Flamencos by Esteban de Sanlucar. The Paco de Lucia version is quite famous of this song. I know I am not like Paco De Lucia and I play this much much slower (105bpm) It is a very hard Picado song and at the first place I decided to learn it because I wanted to improve my Picado, this song definitely helped, but in the end this is not the exercise which made me become more punctual, but the 3 notes per beat and 4 notes per beat exercises. I actually went quite fast because before recording this I did those exercises and I could go up to 120bpm at one point! So I was very proud of myself (although I know some people can go crazy fast with Picado). I hope you will apprechiate my efforts. The TAB is here:
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Esteban de Sanlucar: Panaderos Flamencos (guitar cover) with FREE TAB!