Jasmine Wong: Deppwaswho - Ryan Cheung - Changes (Original)

'Changes' is an original song written by Ryan, an independent Hong Kong singer/guitarist/songwriter, for which I helped create the bass line for. He used this song to enter into the 'song writing' category in the HKU Singing Contest (hence the beginning and ending clips) and won first place! And that is also me in the live clips playing the bass hehe, plus we were joined by Stanton and Jesse on the drums and guitar!

This is the "music video" I created for this song the celebrate the adventures we have both go on together, may there be many more :D

Hope you guys enjoy!

(Still trying to work out how to 'mix' my bass into the original track, so it might sound a bit too bassy at times eek!)

Ryan Cheung - Changes (Original)