Maja Partsch: with brother Emil Partsch on ripping metal track Sun Storm

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So, my brother and I decided to put our heads together and create something new, and since we grew up playing guitar together, it was only about time!

Inevitably, we've got some very similar inspirations, but somewhere along the way, we each picked up on some very different styles. Somewhere between groovy metal riffs, shreddy and experimental leads and then, on the contrary, neoclassical lines, melodic phrases and chord-progressions, sunstorm occurred. This is our very first original composition together, and we're really looking forward to letting this project grow as we go and as we write more music for you guys! If you liked this, be sure to throw a like on our facebook page, and you'll be the first to know when we've got something in the oven. You can also follow this youtube-channel, which is where we will post our future compositions and vids.

Thanks a lot for listening!

As to the more technical aspects, we are using two guitars on the recording - the ones in the picture. A swirl, which is made from a guitar body bought at and a warmoth neck. It's got a Stan Hinesley Hellion pickup in the bridge position - the neck positions remains unused this time around. The other guitar is a black Ibanez RG 470 '01 guitar, with a DiMarzio Titan pickup in the bridge position. We're using Ignite Amps for the sound with emissary amplifier and cabinet and the cab loader Nadir, and then TSE tubescreamer for some extra gain. Ez-drummer for the drums (really looking forward to be using superior drummer on the next, though!). recorded, mixed and mastered in logic pro.

see you in the next video!

Sun Storm by Maja and Emil Partsch