Shelby Benson: One OK Rock I Was King Cover by Crimson Apple

Crimson Apple is an all-girl, pop-alternative band from Hawaii, now based in Los Angeles, California. The band features four sisters- Colby Benson (Lead Vocals/Keys); Shelby Benson (Guitar/Vocals), Carthi Benson (Bass/Vocals); Faith Benson (Drums). These girls are known for the tightness, presence, and energy of their powerful live performances, as well as their signature red and black attire. The band’s musical influences span a wide variety of genres, but their sound can be likened to that of bands like Paramore, Young the Giant, and Japanese rock band, ONE OK ROCK.

Hey Apples! Here's our cover of I Was King by ONE OK ROCK! We love the new Ambitions album, and this song is definitely one of our favorites! By request, we decided to try out something new by having Faith sing vocals! Let us know what you think!
ONE OK ROCK- I Was King Cover by Crimson Apple