Edina Balczo: Vicente Amigo - Roma with Heidi Joubert, Francesca Gambaro, includes TAB

This our collaboration to play this beautiful Flamenco song, a cover of Roma by Vicente Amigo.
On cajon (percussion) let me introduce Heidi Joubert her channel is:
And on violin it is Francesca Gambaro, her instagram is:
Give them a subscribe and a follow because they are both amazing! And this song is really amazing so I am so happy to be able to play this with these great musicians! I made a TAB and it is available for free on my website here:
It was so much fun to make this video so I hope you will have fun as well watching it. Enjoy and I am sure you will hear more from us!

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Vicente Amigo - Roma (cover with FREE TAB) feat Heidi Joubert, Francesca Gambaro