Hanawa Chie: announces HanawaChie Tsugaru shamisen solo Collection Vol.1

". Hello, World" / HanawaChie

hi-res distribution site e-onkyo at Exclusive preceding delivery of the "HanawaChie Tsugaru shamisen solo Collection Vol.1" by the ultra-high-quality native DSD11.2MHz recording of →Http: / /Www.E-onkyo.Com/music/

Nanba1 female Tsugaru shamisen player HanawaChie was completely tie up the Ginza of well-established store "Namahage Ginza store" "Namahage collaboration MV"!

● of female Tsugaru shamisen "Japan representative" HanawaChie to be active over the crotch of the world more than 20 cities, new album to be a total 3rd.
● an eye to the 2020, arrange the masterpieces named after the world on the theme of "Tsugaru shamisen Memoirs" for the Tsugaru shamisen playing.
● recent years entitled "twelve-layered ceremonial kimono", monthly genre, has made stoic the live of its own sponsored in place of the co-star, honed to a more arm, arrangements HanawaChie skills have also been increased, violently than ever, brilliant confidence in the power of expression has become was packed! !
● for high resolution delivery, from the bonus track of the Tsugaru shamisen single performance that was recorded in native DSD of the highest sound quality it is presently considered to be (11.2MHz), the CD recording bonus "Akita load side Clause"!

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