Holly Henderson: leaves the band Dorja to concentrate on solo material

Holly Henderson
As it is written, etc. I have decided to take my leave from DORJA.

It has been a pleasure writing and gigging with a group of such diverse musicians and personalities, ladies who are now, and have been since we started a permanent fixture of my extended musical family.

It has been a colourful journey, we have had such dazzling highs and horrendous lows together and ultimately come out of these moments every time, stronger and fiercer, and better. It has been a really cool part of my life that I'll never forget, and has given me the gift of lifelong friends and taught me so many things that have shaped who I am now.

Alas, music is a weird thing, and I've been fortunate enough to have been able to flex so many creative muscles in the last couple of years, and I'm still very much finding my musical identity, and what makes me happy. And I'm sad for it to be an end of an era, but I'm also excited to know that I'm leaving because there are opportunities ahead that I feel are going to be part of the next ridiculous and vibrant chapter of my life.

And DORJA will benefit from finding someone who will feel like that, with the band.

With all of the love and respect from the best possible, rarely used portion of my dusty heart, I wish the greatest success and happiness to every member of DORJA. In all of their endeavours.

Viva us, good times ahead in the future for everyone I reckon.
Good luck finding someone who owns more bell bottoms than I do. 😉

It is with a heavy heart that today we announce the departure of our guitarist and friend Holly from the band.
After much time and consideration Holly has come to the difficult decision to leave Dorja as she has recently found a direction more suited to her which has it's own commitments. Although we are deeply saddened to say goodbye to an integral member of the band, we fully support Holly in this decision and wish her well for all her future endeavours.

The past year in this band has been an incredible roller coaster of experiences and Holly will always be a big part of that. We love and appreciate her contributions to the band both as a musician and as a friend, through all the good times and the hard times.
Overall this band is based not only on music, but on the close bond of five friends. In a short space of time we have shared so much together and undoubtedly Holly will be sorely missed! Although we may lose her from the band we will not lose her as a friend, we still intend to remain an important part of each others lives.
Holly, we truly wish you the greatest success!
Love Rosie, Anna, Aiym and Becky