Victoria Villarreal: Syrebris (Sur-ree-briss) - live at MiniMuerder Fest 2017

Syrebris (Sur-ree-briss) roots from the word "Cerebral", meaning "pertaining to the Cerebrum or the brain." The band created the name to express the power of the human mind and its potential to transcend to higher realms of consciousness. Their lyrics are highly inspired by topics of spirituality, the nature of reality, consciousness and enlightenment which are not commonly found within such extreme music. In hopes to inspire many, they experiment with elements of progressive metal, death metal, thrash, technical metal, to softer ethereal sounds within the world of jazz and ethnic music. A blend of music to please the Prog and Death Metal fans. With Syrebris, you will hear soft, clean guitar melodies that break into unforgettable riffs of rage and melodic madness.

Victoria Villarreal - (Vocals / Lead / Rhythm Guitar)
Manuel Villarreal - (Lead / Rhythm Guitar)
Jesse Villalta - (Bass)
Alejandro Aranda - (Drums)

SYREBRIS - Beyond the Structures live at MiniMuerder Fest 2017

SYREBRIS - Cosmic Disarray - live at MiniMurderfest 2017