Yue Miyagi: Instructional DVD "Practice with phrases! Pentatonic (In Japanese)

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I know the position of penta, but I do not drown into a phrase ... The
phrase becomes one expressionless expression · · · The
usual code
It will be impossible to deal with anything other than progress ... breathe such troubles!

A method of developing solos by incorporating tension sounds, church modes, etc. into the basic penta, and by conscious of the
code tone, the ad-lib construction method of deriving a phrase without removing the sound, together with over 90 phrases I will explain it.

You will be able to build phrases that you can listen musically, so ad-lib solo will be more fun.


■ Demonstration "Night Forest Cruise"
■ Pentatonic Scale Formation and Accommodation
◎ Five Shape Positions ◎ Connect the Position with Horizontal
Movement to Make a Phrase with a Wide Range
■ Bruce Scale (Scale with Blue Note) use phrase collection
◎ ♭ 5th phrase
◎ minor penta Tasu Maj3
◎ minor penta Tasu 6Th
■ phrase ideas of Church mode using a penta (in one-shot code)
◎ Mixolydian scale
◎ Dorian scale
◎ Lydian scale
■ Demonstration "Re:
Fusion Dance " ■
Consciousness of chord · tone ~ Ad lib with penta for progress of chord ◎ Major system I - VIm 7 - IIm 7 - V 7
◎ Minor system Im 7 - VI - II m 7 ♭ 5 - V 7
◎ Diatonic descent
◎ Canon Progress
◎ Lock · Power pattern
◎ Flamenco system
■ Penta idea  collection to develop ad lib collection ◎ Double  tone
◎ 6 degree interval
difference phrase
◎ sus4 phrase ◎ harmonize with penta
◎ play
alternate phrase with minor penta ◎ ortade · Scale
◎ Combination of various phrases

● Title: "Practice with phrases! Sing as pentatonic scale utilization method improvisation, solo play "
● Cast: Miyagi YukariŠ││
● guest appearances: Tomoharu Hani [Key], Yukihiro Yamane [Ba], Kimura creation [Dr]
● part number: ATDV-430
● TAB Graphic
description book enclosed ● list price (main body ¥ 3,800 + tax) ● JAN: 4580154604300
● released on May 31, 2017
● main title about 77 minutes
● release / sales: Athos International Inc.
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