Nikola Kandoussi, Terka Pšenčíková: The Agony - four women from Prague, Czech Republic fundraiser for new album

NIKOLA KANDOUSSI - rhythm guitar / lead vocals,
KATIE SKATIE - bass / backing vocals,
TERKA PŠENČÍKOVÁ - lead guitar,

We are The Agony, four women from Prague, Czech Republic, and we are out to get you with our second album! You the Pledgers were a part of the fairy-tale story of our debut album Dirty And Dangerous ( – now, two years later, it’s time for us to release the new music and we want YOU to take part in it again, so as we like to say, JOIN THE RIDE; and follow us on the links below. Thanks!

3. 4. 2017 - The Agony startují Startovač!