Tina Guo: Elite Master Art Model 600

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Tina Guo Elite Master Art Model 600
Price: $5,975.00

#600 Package Includes
1. Tina Guo Model #600 4/4 Cello made in the affiliate Prague Shop of Kolstein & Son, Ltd, Violinmakers of New York.
2. Wittner Finetune Mechanical Carbon Fiber Cello Pegs
3. Aubert Deluxe Cello Bridge
4. Kolstein Tailpiece with 4 integrated Fine Tuners and Rear Harmonic Tuning Mechanism
5. Carbon Fiber Endpin
6. Larsen Magnacore Strings
7. Deluxe Carbon Fiber Hardshell Cello Case with Sheet Music Pocket
8. Tina Guo Carbon Fiber or Brazilwood Branded Bow in your choice of White or Pink Hair, additional fee for other colors.

Tina Guo Strings- Model 600 Cello Demo