Becky Baldwin, Sarah Michelle, Rosie Botterill: Hard Hitting Trans-Atlantic rock band ‘DORJA’ release their new single ‘Far Gone’

Trans-Atlantic hard rock band ‘DORJA’ release their new single ‘Far Gone’ on Friday the 15th September 2017.

Aiym Almas - Vocals
Becky Baldwin - Bass
Sarah Michelle - Guitar
Rosie Botterill - Guitar
Anna Mylee - Drums
Dorja strike back with some smoking classic rock. With Becky's beefy bass, Sarah n Rosie grooving with their riffing' guitars. Aiym's leads from the front, belting out  a classic rock vocal line and ably assisted by the band with vocal harmonies. The engine room is driven by the hard hitting drums of Anna Mylee. Get the single

Downloads of ‘Far Gone’ are available exclusively from the band’s website from the 15th.

Users of iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Google Play can access the song from Saturday 17th



Vocalist Aiym Almas comments about the new song ‘Far Gone’:
“‘Far Gone’ is one of those songs that just came together so quickly. I was still writing the lyrics
when I was flying over to London and we completed it with the girls on the night I arrived. It felt
so good and complete that we already played it the next day on the first night of our tour. I love
the dynamics of the song and all it's interesting transitions. It has a much darker tone to it
musically and lyrically but it's definitely the one song we all love to rock out to live.”

DORJA recorded their new release in July 2017 by Oliver Lee at The Rake studios, London.
This is the first recording to include new guitarist Sarah Michelle. Sarah comments:
“I was really excited to go to London and record "Far Gone". The riff is catchy and even though
this was recorded during my first week joining the band, I instantly felt at ease playing with four
great musicians. As a new member, I wanted to put my own stamp on this recording, bringing
my own sound to the song. Listening back, I can hear that mine and Rosie's guitar playing really
complimented each other alongside the band as a whole. It’s a musically unique song which
captured a great response from our audience during live shows on tour.”

The new single is accompanied by a music video - another DIY approach, using live footage
from a festival appearance on their most recent UK tour. Drummer Anna Mylee has been in
charge of the band’s home-edited videos. Anna explains:
“DORJA requires great tenacity from its membership! Having musicians scattered all over the
globe and being entirely self managed with no funding, we have to be determined and
resourceful. This has meant that more of the band’s actions and what we put out into the world
is also our own creativity and ideas, not just the music. We are happy to use footage from this
summer’s UK tour as a reminder of the amazing time we had all together for those 2 weeks. The
treatment we received from the venues and the fan support was more than we ever could have
expected from a self-booked, self promoted tour, especially considering this was only our 3rd
stint! We are proud of what we have achieved, but now I have finished editing this video I am
happy to have my life back for a few days!”