Soumia Ghechami: TapJazz and the progress over 4 years

I occasionally get messages on my facebook/instagram account saying how did I get into guitar and when did I start etc.. So I thought I'd sum it up in one video which shows photage of my progress over these past 4 years.

*How did I get into Guitar?

I actually started playing piano first for about a year back in 2009, it was at a conservatory but unfortunately that didn't last and soon enough I decided to switch to guitar. I remember borrowing a wacky classical guitar from a friend of mine and it was a huge challenge for me to learn by myself, so I figured It would be a lot better if I could find a teacher nearby to help me out and luckily I did find one who taught me the basics. But sadly that didn't last long either because the dude had to stop teaching for whatever reasons.

That didn't hold me back from moving forward and developing myself, I was dependent on different resources online, even bought instructional books and DVDs.. etc.

It was a slow learning process at that time, because I wasn't fully committed and went through lot of pauses.

Until 2014, I got my first classical guitar, I went back to the conservatory and decided to learn classical music. And from that period on I've been consistent.

Most of the videos you've seen can be found on my instagram account:

*Songs list:

-Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze
-Opeth - Benighted (solo + outro)
-Isaac Albeniz - Asturias (classical piece)
-Led Zeppelin - Stairway to heaven
-Opeth - Hours of Wealth
-Francisco Tárrega - Capricho Árabe
-Dave Brubeck - Take Five
-Opeth - Coil
-Guthrie Govan - Waves
-An improvisation
-Born of Osiris - Follow The Signs (half speed solo)
-Owane - Gym Membership (Sean Ashe solo)
-Joe Satriani - Midnight
-Opeth - Sorceress
-My original Jam:
-Hiromi's sonicbloom - Deep into the Night
-Chon - Sleepy Tea (Intro played differently)
-Tokyo Ghoul Op1 Fingerstyle
-Synopsie - Circles (my band)
-Danny J Kross - Leaf (guest solo)

TapJazz | Original

4 Years Guitar Progress