Tomo-Zo: DOLL$BOXX 「Sub-liminal」and 「Shout Down」 Music Video

FUKI (Vo), Hana (Dr), F Chopper KOGA (B), TOMO - ZO (G), Oleleena (Key). From the mini album "high $ pec" released on November 8 (Wednesday), which is the strongest girls band "DOLL $ BOXX", a new work in 5 years, "Sub-liminal" Music Video is released. Wednesday, November 8, 2017 mini album "high $ pec" [recorded tracks] 1. Shout Down 2. Sub-liminal 3. HERO 4. The world surely knows love 5. Dragonet [limited for the first time Dragonet "Music Video" Shout Down "Lecture Movie (Hana - Drums -, F Chopper KOGA - Base -, TOMO - ZO (CD + DVD)] ¥ 2,593 + tax (¥ 2,800) / VIZL - - Guitar-, Oreoreona -Keybords-, Fuki-Vocal-) [Normal Edition (CD)] ¥ 1,667 + Tax (1,800 yen including tax) / VICL-64850 [Delivery Information] iTunes Store, Recochoku and Other Distribution Sites LINE MUSIC , Apple Music, AWA and other major flat-rate music streaming service from November 8. Director: Naoki Takeyama (Limitmaker film) Producer: Shiho Kondo (Limitmaker film) Photography Cooperation: Seiichiro Kitamura

DOLL$BOXX 「Sub-liminal」 Music Video

DOLL$BOXX 「Shout Down」 Music Video