Yui: Cyntia- Raison d'etre [Live]

Getting use to Ayano's composition and liking it's keyboard version as well. "Reason to be" One of the best song to showcase how incredibly powerful Saki's voice is , she can blow me away anytime.

Short Bio:
Cyntia is an all-female Japanese Rock band. Their music style varies from Melodic Power Metal , Hard Rock to Pop.Rock and others to date.
Cyntia believes in making songs rocking in a heavy metal way, but Cyntia also constructs super catchy, happy-joyous compositions, with a very pop, television-friendly style. As a result, the music depends on both the rocking and the sugary melodies to make its point. Cyntia also happens to be very good at its chosen field. From Vocalist to Bassist these talented ladies will most likely "rock you" in a certain way with their diverse and catchy style.

SAKI – Vocals
YUI – Guitars, Chorus
AYANO – Keyboards, Piano, Chorus
AZU - Bass, Chorus
NATSUME – Drums, Percussion, Chorus (Support)

Former members:
Airi – bass
Kanoko – drums, percussion, chorus

Please Support: Cyntia@ http://cyntia.jp/

【Cyntia】- Raison d'etre [Live]