Laura Lāce: Daft Punk - Aerodynamic - bass

Hi! This is our bands arrangement of Daft Punks Aerodynamic piece. Latvia/Garciems Hope you enjoy it! (We Need your Support) (Lauras Channel)

With your help we can become a big rock music school for children every cent can change our musical destiny.
Here’s a list of what is needed:
1.Music stands 2.Foot rests 3.Tuners 4.Strings 5.Guitars 6.Cables, XLRs 7.Guitar bags 8.Amps 9.Processors 10.Audio interfaces.
Anything that can help us equip the music school. With the help of donations or equipment we will be able to not just equip the music school but also award and motivate children who are hard-working and talented or give instruments to those who have a great desire to learn but don’t have the money to buy them. If you want to send anything contact us by email