Shalini Mohan: Roxanne by The Police

This is my band's (Ginny & the Bottle) take on the anthem by "The Police", Roxanne. A slightly different take on the song than the original. I hope you guys like it!

Music Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by HridayGoswami

Recorded and Produced in Lagori Studio, Bangalore
Mixed and Mastered at X-Noise Studio, Guwahati and Pranava Studios, Bangalore

Drums: Wilfred Demoz
Guitar: Anish Nadh
Bass: Shalini Mohan
Vocals: Shalini Mohan

Light Design: Chetan Rao
Camera: Samuel Adams, Surya Uday
Video Edit: Samuel Adams from Sammy Adams Photography

Special thanks to:
Neecia Majolly of the Majolly Music Trust
Suraj Mani and OO Heaven

I do not own any rights of any form of the original song composed by The Police. This is an interpretation and tribute to the musician who has always inspired me, Sting.

Roxanne by The Police (Cover)