Kaki King: Fortuna Featuring Berklee Porta Girevole Chamber Orchestra

Kaki King performs "Fortuna" with the Berklee Porta Girevole Chamber Orchestra in the Red Room at Cafe 939. This concert was released as an album by birnCORE and is available at http://smarturl.it/KakiKingLive

The album features King performing new arrangements of her solo guitar compositions, many of them reimagined with strings and woodwinds added. King, Tom Hagerman of Devotchka, and Berklee students Takuma Matsui and Shereen Cheong wrote the arrangements specifically for the recording. The Porta Girevole Chamber Orchestra is a 12-piece ensemble composed of Berklee students and faculty, conducted by Gabriela Sofia Gomez Estevez.

Featuring the Porta Girevole Chamber Orchestra:

Cansu Ozyurek • Violin | Aida De Moya • Guitar Gerson Eguiguren Martinez • Viola | Jennifer Frantz • Viola Li Yin Cheok • Cello | Kaya Meller • Trumpet John O’Hara • Bassoon | Helen Sherrah-Davies • Violin Sumeet Sarkar • Violin | Christopher Allison • Clarinet/Bass Clarinet Sam Draper • Violin | Kari Juusela • Cello/Music Director Conducted by Gabriela Sofia Gomez Estevez

Arranged by Kaki King

Edited by Yichen Qian

Kaki King - Fortuna (Ft Berklee Porta Girevole Chamber Orchestra)