Louisa Maria Baker: completes recording of his acoustic album

Louisa Maria Baker

So!!! Small announcement!! I’ve just finished recording this acoustic album ! Performed a covers gig last Saturday at The Hart Cliff Inn and I was so so happy that quite a few ppl got one these for some easy listening over x mas! Andrea Succi recorded, mixed and mastered it at Puzzle Maker Studios. He’s also featured playing guitar as well as me on a few tracks.

I am very pleased with the outcome and all of these covers mean a lot to me as they started my journey singing and playing on Leicester Square in London. My dad this time last year suggested I try busking... didn’t think I’d still be at it a year later , but it’s extremely fun!


I’m going to sell these online, any suggestions where I sell from? Also if you’d like one please message me. Features a Christmas number too! £10 each so just under £1 per track