Katrin Child: All Or Nothing by PITCHBLACK

All Or Nothing https://pitchblackofficial.bandcamp.com/album/all-or-nothing

1.Bullet Heart (I Spit On Your Grave) 03:51
2.Neon Pulsar 05:01
3.Wrestle My Demons 04:01
4.Your Phoenix Is Dead 03:49
5.The Circle Of Snakes 03:26
6.Inhale The Gray 04:27
7.Starry Lizard Above The Saturn 04:50
8.All Or Nothing 04:12
9.Celestial Object 05:20
10.Неоновый Пульсар 05:01
Debut PITCHBLACK full-length album.
released December 2, 2017

Katrin Child - music, guitars, bass, vocal, lyrics
Delirium Tremens - vocal
Anton Vorozhtsov - sound
Ivan Stan - Artist