Saki: Mary's Blood new release Tokuma Japan Communications' 1st album "Revenant"

Mary's Blood will release Tokuma Japan Communications' 1st album "Revenant" on April 18th.

This work, becoming the 4th full album, embodies authentic sound with more bone thanks to Okano Hajime as a producer. On its first limited edition, her first "Photo Book" (40 P all) will be included.

Also, we decided to hold an acoustic instructor in each place after releasing the album and to hold an album release tour in Tomei Osaka in June. Details of the install alive will be announced at a later date.

■ Producer Okano Hajime Comment
It was a first experience for all of us to produce a female band, so
I started feeling a bit nervous and started products, but when I started, that kind of feeling was useless.
As each of the four people was an exaggerated "musician", I was able to do music conversation without hesitation.
It was a fun time to work with a lot of information, although it was a lot of information.
I think that it became a cool album that became monumental even in my music life.
I hope the possibility of Mary's Blood will trigger even bigger flights!

4th Album "Revenant"
Tuesday, Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Reading: Revenant
■ First Limited Edition (CD + PHOTO BOOK)
TKCA - 74633 ¥ 3,700 + Taxes
■ Regular Edition (CD)
TKCA - 74634 ¥ 3,000 + Tax

01. World's End
02. Tsukiyomi
03. It's Alright
04. Believe Me
05. On the Rocks
06. Rolling Start
07. Halcyon Days
08. Judgment of the Goddess ~ Death Queen's March ~
09. RIP
10. Say Love
11. Take a Chance

Live information
June 8, 2018 Aichi · ELL
Open / Start 18:30 / 19:00
Advance ¥ 4,500 * D separately / on the same day ¥ 5,000 * Separately D on

June 9 ( Saturday, Sunday) Osaka · UMEDA CLUB QURTTRO
Open / Start 17:15 / 18:00
Advance ¥ 4,500 * Separate D / day ¥ 5,000 * Separately D on

June 24 (Sun) Tokyo · Minabi BLITZ Akasaka
Open / Start 17: 00 / 18:00
Advance ¥ 5,500 * Separate D / Today ¥ 6,000 * Separate D fee

* Each venue Female area available.
★ Minavi Akasaka BLITZ is a girls' allocation day ¥ 1,000 cash back.

Detailed presentation at a later date