Yuki: Three Guitar Solos from D_Drive

It is Yuki of D_Drive. I played three solos from D_Drive songs. It plays like this at the live performance. It is slightly different from the sound source. "M16" (2nd Album "ACCELERATOR") "Shape of Your Life" "Lost Block" (2nd Album "ACCELERATOR") 2018 D_Drive One Man Live Come and come. 【D_Drive One Man Live in Yokohama】 Shin-Yokohama NEW SIDE BEACH !! Open 18:30 Start 19:00 Advance ¥ 3,900 (1D Different) Same Day \ 4,400 (by 1D) 【D_Drive One Man Live in Osaka】 Juzu GABU Open 16 : 00 Start 17:00 Advance Selling ¥ 3,900 (by 1D) Day \ 4,400 (by 1D)


Guitar Solo / Yuki of D_Drive ”ギターソロ3連続”