Soyul: X japan - endless rain solo cover

Hello! Today, I have tried the endless lane of Xzephen which many of you requested! I have not heard from the name of Japan since the name was originally from Japan (?) I did not listen to the anti-Japanese feelings ... I heard it once ... I heard it every day only for a few months. I'm not going to do anything because I'm going to be a million subscribers to YouTube soon ... I'll give you a reply if you leave something you've always wondered about. (ㅎㅎ) ㅋㅋ I'll try! (Not the fact that I always did originally ...) - Guitar lesson at [Hongdae / Jungje]. ps: If you would like to listen to my private life story, follow us and listen to ... Miscellaneous stories! p.s2: Always start small, and the film are many articles I want to talk about it is how you come meokneyo ㅠㅠ against other cafes

soyul) X japan - endless rain solo cover