Kanami, Miku: Band-Maid - BAND-MAIKO / secret MAIKO lips

"Welcome home, master & princess" BAND - MAIKO is all girl rock band from japan. ~ A rock band by Maiko by a maiko ~ BAND - MAID, on April 1, 2018, BAND - MAKOO Renamed to! I will conquer the world with "Maiko × Hard Rock". Since "April 1st" 2018, BAND-MAIKO are Kobato Miku (MIKU KOBATO) → Hatuko (Hato) HATOKO SAIKI → Fuji Hime (Fuji) FUJIKI KANAMI → Kanei Emi (Kanoemi) KANOEMI MISA → Umeemasa (Umemisa) UMEMISA AKANE → Red Moon (Akatsuki) AKATUKI ■ BAND-MAIKO "secret MAIKO lips" i-Tunes Deliver to 111 countries including Japan and North America * Spotify etc., simultaneous distribution of subscriptions BAND-MAIKO iTunes Artist page URL https://itunes.apple.com/jp/artist/id1356479285

BAND-MAIKO / secret MAIKO lips

BAND-MAIKO - Secret MAIKO Lips - Track Review