Phoenix Van Wyden: metaltoinfinity interview

Stefan: How did you get involved in playing guitar?

Phoenix: I grew up in a very musical environment , my mother wasn´t a musician but she adored music , specially classical and 80´s Hard ‘n Heavy, so growing up listening to all those great bands just made me develop a huge interest on becoming a musician . When I was 13 I was watched Van Halen´s Live Without a Net and that was the moment I decided I´d become a guitar player. Never looked back ever since haha.

Stefan: At what age did you play your first notes – did you had a teacher who taught you the arts of axe wielding did you learned it all by yourself?

Phoenix: I learned some scales and chords after about 8 months I started playing mostly through YT lessons, I also had a few private teachers for a while but then after 1 year I decided I´d study it by myself, I wanted to develop my own style and study certain techniques and theories at my own pace.

Stefan: Who were your personal heroes, musicians you looked up to?

Phoenix: I´m heavily influenced by Vinnie Moore, Eddie Van Halen, Reb Beach, Tony MacAlpine, Jason Becker, Vito Bratta, Steve Lynch, Franz Joseph Haydn, Richard Wagner, Bach and many, many others.