Kim Ye In: Yonghoon Lim X Dream Session 'Mind of J' full song

I was working on a collaboration session with a team called Dream Sessions in Seoul, Yonsei University and Hwawon University. My great student, Hwang Jae-young, is also a member of the group and is composed of young musicians, but now I am very hot friends in the music scene. The following is a copy of the Dream Session. It is an interesting performance played by two drummers ~ !! Dream Session Player Team Project Dream Session Session Team X Yonghoon Lim: Mind of J (John Blackwell) Dream Session The player team's project has just started. We were showing the performance of the session, but in order to show the performance of the technique and solo play, the team of the player scrambled in the new dream session. The first main part is the 'drum'. If drummer is a drummer and technique is brilliant, it is a collaboration of dr. There is also a tempo-packed song and full of nervous trades. ** Dream Session is with Jae Ohm Entertainment, Kirk Productions, Trinity Sound !! High quality:

Dream Session X Yong Hoon Lim: Mind of J (John Blackwell)[Official] Dream Session Player Team X Mind of J (John Blackwell) Cover / Seol Hwang, Kim Jae In, Kang Ji Won, Jang Young Hwang,

Shaun Martin - Yellow Jacket (Covered by Dream Session)