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Our "Ladies Rock The Blues" digital edition was released
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Check out some of the articles included in this edition:

Sister Rosetta Tharpe: The First Lady of Gibson and Rock and Roll
Ten of Blues Most Early Influential Female Guitarists
Rory Block on Her Signature Martin Guitar
How to Play Blues Guitar by Nikki O'Neill
Got the Acoustic String Blues?
Improve How You Practice the Blues with these Tips
Three Blues Pedals to Rule the World

Meet some great blues guitarists and learn about their background in music and what inspired them to play the blues:

Beyond the Siren: Diana Rein is the Queen of Her Castle and Her Guitar
Playing with Heat: Peach's Inspiration for the Blues
Why Kathryn Grimm is Just Getting Started
Sunny’s War of Words: New-Style Blues with Powerful Lyrics
Ally Venable: A 'Puppet' Master of Modern Blues
Sue Foley: “Guitar Woman” Extraordinaire
Rory Block Pays Tribute with Her Own Brand of Blues

There's also product reviews of the Martin OOORS1, a Washburn HB36 Hollowbody electric guitar, the Fender Hot Rod Deville Harmonica Set, Darco electric guitar strings, the G7th Ultralight guitar capo, and a Dog Days Vintage guitar strap. And after all that, have fun with our adult coloring, word search puzzle, and trivia!