Tomo-Zo: DOLL$BOXX Live DVD「high $pec High Return」トレーラー映像

Fuki Commune's Fuki (Vo), Gacharic Spin's Flower (Dr), F Chopper KOGA (B), TOMO-ZO (G), Oreleena (Key) Combined The Strongest Girls Loud Rock Band "DOLL $ BOXX ". "Live Tour 2018" high $ pec High Return ", the first live DVD released as a band career released on July 25, containing a pattern of the first day tour of the nationwide tour at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL on April 15 this year , Fuki's high tone voice and a trailer video filled with the performance skills of the Gacharic Spin instrument team is released fully Live Tour 2018 "high $ pec High Return" [Release date] Wednesday, July 25 [Wednesday ] 4,630 yen + tax (5,000 yen including tax) [part number] VIBL- 904 [recorded tracks] Loud Twin Stars monopoly role playing life nudism rhythm HERO fragrance Doll's Box BELIEVE IN LOVE - Guitar Solo - Sub - liminal toy soldier Dragonet - Drum Solo - Merrily High Go Round Take My Chance Shout Down KARAKURI TOWN The world surely knows love Black survival (Encore) 【MUSIC VIDEO high $ pec】 Shout Down Sub - liminal HERO The world definitely knows love Drag onet

DOLL$BOXX Live DVD「high $pec High Return」トレーラー映像