Miyazawa Masaki, Yuki Uozumi: LoVendoЯ "We will show you our treasure "

Girls · rock band, LoVendo ノ's guitar team will explain & play guitars used in the latest single "Treasures / Itzwari"! Magazine issue: Young guitar April 2016 issue http://youngguitar.jp/yg/yg-201604

LoVendoЯ Yuuki Uozumi & Miyazawa Masaki owned guitar explanation "We will show you our" treasure "! "Ustream SHIBUROCK GIRLS YUKI & MARIN LoVendoЯ ~ Invasion ~

LoVendoRNA official website: http://lovendor.jp20:00 START 【Channel Link】http://ustre.am/15 gfd
【GUEST】 Yui Uozumi Miyazawa Mami from LoVendo ノ (lavender) 【MC】 Masaru Nishinozon 【BAND】 Gt. Utisumi Yuki Gt. Miyazawa Masaki Bass: Shimabuku Seirika Drs.Mariko 【face book】https://www.facebook.com/42rock
【Astringent ROCK GIRLS】 Guests who are active girls picked up from their own perspective Just a musical talk variety variety that gets excited with girls' eyes. We will answer encouraging advice & messages from the senior female musicians who serve as a director and also to the troubles of everyone's viewers. Introducing the young girls' girls band. We will also send you a mini live! ----

00:00 Nee-san Sweet Tweet
00:23 Nee-san 思うがままを信じて omou ga mama wo shinjite
00:45 Nee-san & Marin-san むせび泣く musebi naku
02:04 Nee-san BINGO
02:25 Marin-san 上・京・物・語 joukyou monogatari
02:51 Marin-san 不器用 bukiyou acoustic ver.
03:23 Nee-san & Marin-san 不器用 bukiyou
03:46 Marin-san 不器用 bukiyou

vocals: 田中れいな tanaka reina
vocals: 岡田万里奈 okada marina
guitars: 魚住有希 uozumi yuki Nee-san
guitars 宮澤茉凜 miyazawa marin Marin-san

guitar solos feat. Nee-san & Marin-san from LoVendoЯ 's live performances