Karmen Stendler: G. Regondi - Fête Villageoise, Op. 20

The life story of the Italian romantic composer and guitarist Giulio Regondi (1822 – 1872) is a very interesting one - already at the age of 7 he made his promising debut in Paris, followed by many successes in London, and then playing concerts all over Europe with many world-renowned musicians such as Clara Schumann, Ignaz Moscheles, Maria Malibran and others.

Fête Villageoise "Rondo Caprice", op. 20 is one of his earlier works for guitar and I chose to play it because of its witty character, impeccable form, rich harmonies and vast expressive possibilities. In Regondi’s time there was a preference for louder instruments and sounds, which included Liszt's piano music and the powerful orchestral scores of Berlioz and Wagner. Despite of the fact that this resulted in a lack of guitar repertoire originating from this era, we fortunately still have a handful of high quality romantic pieces for guitar predominantly composed by Regondi, Mertz and Coste.

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Video production: David Antigüedad Mangas at http://davidantiguedad.com
Audio: Uroš Barič at http://barosrecords.com/studio

The guitar support I am using is Guitarlift by Felix Justen - http://guitarlift.de/

Played on a Daryl Perry guitar - http://www.perryguitars.com.

G. Regondi - Fête Villageoise, Op. 20, performed by Karmen Stendler