Lee Hyun-ji: 'Marry go round' - Seo Suk-mun Music Festival 2018

Representative Lee Hyun-ji (BASS, 2nd grade) song Marry go round Original song Lee Sung Chan Drum Kim Jae-sung Bass Lee Hyunji EG Mulmyou KEY Rain Forest 2018.05.31 (Thu) Suh Song Concert Hall 2018 Seoul Music High School Seoul Music High School --- Is pursuing constant innovation and educating students to come closer to the realization of their dreams through modern popular art. The curriculum and content creation, the collaboration with other organizations / artists, the overseas exchange, the master class, the artist education which will become the center of the world with the plan performance more than 12 times a year We are devoted to emissions. Also, it is a prestigious art school that produces the most outstanding and outstanding artists of practical music education by producing chiefs, chiefs and scholars from prestigious universities such as Berklee College of Music and Seoul National University every year. Among the artists are Ji-hyeon of SHINee, Zico of Block-B, Jungmin of Boyfriend, Lee In-u and Im Hyun-jae of Band Hyosung, Kim Gun-jae of the silica gel band and Kim Min-soo, Yoo Seung-woo, Daysomm Sasam, Jung Jin-woo and Villain. Lee, Yeon-jin, Lydia Lee, Ye-jin Lee, YESEO Park Yi-seo, Lo-Fi Baby ZO Hwang Hyun Jo and Say Yang Sung Ae, Chanjuicy An Chan Ju, W24 Park Aaron, 1NATION Kim Eun Se, We are active. ▩ HOMEPAGE: https://www.seoulmusic.hs.kr

Seoul Music High School (SMHS, a private high school in Seoul, Korea that boasts the country's top acceptance rate not only to Korean music colleges, but also to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

SMHS has been officially certified as a regular high school course by the government in 2009. Now, SMHS is the most competitive and popular music school to enter in Korea.

It has produced many K-POP (Korean pop) teen idols and artists who have a huge fan base in Asia and in the West, such as SHINee (Jong-Hyun, main VOCAL), Boyfriend(Jung-Min, VOCAL), Block-B (Zico, leader), Band Hyukoh (In-Woo, Hyun-Jeh), Seung-Woo Yoo, Band Silica GEL(Leader Gun-Jae, Min-Soo), Jin-Woo Jeong, Villain(Daeun Lee), Lydia Lee, YESEO, and LO-FI Baby . The popular Korean television drama show "Dream High" was inspired by Seoul Music High School and its culture and success.

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Lee Hyunji 'Marry go round' - Seo Suk-mun Music Festival 2018 | Seoul Practical Music High School