Mary Spender: Rob Scallon - Fingerpicking 101

Contest structure:
1. Learn the song with Yousician using the trial link above.

*You only need to learn the rhythm guitar part to enter the contest. But the lead guitar is also there if you want to learn that too.

2. Make a video playing the song (or your version of the song).
Doesn’t need to be fancy. The entries will be judged on how much we enjoy the song, not the video. Your video could even be just a still image the whole time with the song underneath. Though creative videos are far more likely to be included in the follow-up video & mash-up of course.

4. Submit the video with the above form by October 8th.

- My favorite wins one of my signature Chapman models. 6 or 8 string. Winner announced in a follow-up video on the 2nd channel in October.