MUU: Absolute Club ZETTAI CLUB 【Rush】 (Official Music Video)

Absolute club

"Bullish on a little" A girls band rushing with absolute sound and absolute cockiness. Vo ( @ PowerFuLost 8 ) Key ( @ Luminyan_pf ) Gt ( @ gt_ice 4 ) Ba ( @ ICHINOSE_CRASH ) Ds ( @ tohko_ds ) rush MV https: // / 6 tbsffrtyhI

We are Japanese all female metal band, ZETTAI CLUB.
The band consist of, AZUL(vocal), LUMINA(keyboards), MUU(guitar), ICHINOSE(bass) and TOHKO(drums).
”Zettai” is “Perfect”. We are not restricted and limited.
The small body has a big soul!
Our aggressive sounds and variety characters fascinate you.
We are waiting for your joining our club activity !

Official website:
Official twitter: 

AZUL: vocal 
LUMINA: keyboard 
MUU: guitar 
ICHINOSE: bass https: //