Noelle dos Anjos: Dio - Holy Diver

Hey guys, this is my "Holy Diver" by Dio Guitar Cover! I had a lot of fun learning this song, specially the lick at the end of the solo, where I tried to do some kind of pinch harmonics to make it sound like the recording. I really like the way it sounds! :)
I would also like to correct myself here: I play a wrong note at 01:20 and the repetitions. It's supposed to be a C instead of G# and I only noticed it while mixing. Yeah, this is something that happens from time to time when you learn songs by ear haha. Sorry about that!
Also, make sure to watch the video until the end! At 04:01 I talk about aome cool new rewards on my Patreon page. ;)
Love y'all!

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Dio - Holy Diver Guitar Cover | Noelle dos Anjos