Jennifer James: latest update for passionate beginner player

Jennifer James
Published on 25 Oct 2018

As a guitar beginner I am super about the instrument. I would love to learn everything at once. But in the end, this made me be the slowest guitar beginner ever. Why? Because I tryed to practice everything and ended up practicing almost nothing. Don't get me wrong. I am practicing every day (even, if it might just be for a couple of minutes), but when you get lost, cause you have so much to practice, you are loosing the structure and fun part of it. And this is why I am taking a step back now, looking for a new guitar teacher and trying to get better in my guitar playing with some babysteps. So it might be that there won't be a new topic at every weeks video, but that wasn't the intention of the channel anyway. Sooo...let's do a small guitar practice restart! Who is in? :D

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It's been too much...