Natsumi: CASPA - The End Of The World (Music Video)

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Tawareko Good bye world


Fuji Television Production Original Drama "Good Morning Call" Theme Song (OA starts at Fuji TV on Demand · Netflix simultaneous delivery from February 12) "The End Of The World" If this world will end tonight I think that it is not a case to be troubled by a small thing I think that I will regret it even if I shut it in alone in a room so let's jump out of the world Look at the world that is shining like this so I can not see it so I will notice it already Chaoyang is about to end It is not too late so I will change the future I am tired of seeing my dreams I can not believe I can not believe I can not believe that I do not need something here Nobody is gone Whoever cried alone could not stand alone You see, the world is full of loneliness So everyone keeps holding hands holding hands Even so, there is nothing to be afraid Someday the day comes but the end will come again I will see a dream I can see a dream Nevertheless again I can see a dream The world can not see important things that are shining So notice it after I lose it It seems like it is not afraid Someday it will come but the end will come in again Yes Yes, a dream that will never end --- "The End Of The World" Lyrics (English Translation) If this world was to end tonight I would rather not waste my time worrying about the small things in life I would regret spending my time locked up in my room So I'll break out now Look,

CASPA - The End Of The World (Music Video)