Ami Inoi: 猪居 亜美 Forever Love / X JAPAN

This time, I played the favorite X JAPAN's Forever Love, arranged by Kenichi Ebe! ! [Ami Tsujii, major debut decision! ! July 3 (Wed), the third album "MEDUSA (Medusa)" will be released! Leading the new generation of classical guitarist "Amoi Sumi" major debut! ♦ ク ラ シ ッ ク Classical guitarist "Amoi Sami who has overwhelming beauty and power like" Medusa "appearing in Greek mythology ". The performance of the masterpiece full of musical sensibility and passion making full use of transcendent techniques is unique. The birth of a flying material to the world. Reko departure concert [Osaka performance] July 5th (Fri) 19:00 opening ceremony Phoenix Hall [Tokyo performance] July 14th (Sunday) 19:30 opening Kokubunji City Izumi Hall A hall [Kumamoto performance] July 20 Sun (Sat) 18:00 Opening Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church 1st album "Black Star" Amazon →

【ソロギター】Forever Love / X JAPAN 演奏:猪居亜美