Saki: Mary's Blood - Confessions - The 5th album is a full album

Girls metal band
Mary's Blood, second transfer album.
The 5th album is a full album. Opening the

new world with the transfer first album "Revenant", the
video work "Live at INTERCITY HALL-Flag of the Queendom" is
ranked 9th in the Oricon weekly comprehensive music DVD and Bluray ranking.
Following the popular album, Hajime Okano, the producer,
recorded more scaled-up songs.

Limited Edition (CD + DVD) ※ sleeve case specification

· Labyrinth Of The Abyss
· Karma
· Arcadia ※ lead song
· Laylah
· Aim
· Hello
· Mermaid Serenade
· HIGH-5
· VirtuaReaL
· of penance Bell ~ Requiem for the victims
※ ※ all 11 songs scheduled
※ song order to be determined
lead song Arcadia MV & MAKING bonus video
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Girls metal band, the second full-band transfer to Mary's Blood, the fifth album in total! Following the previous album, Hajime Okano is the producer, and more scaled-up songs are recorded. (C) RS