Yoon Se Na, Hwang Yoo Jin: The Divorce - DIH(동이혼) 'Rock on' Live 강릉 RUSH (2018. 10. 20)

🔥DIH(동이혼) 'Rock on' Live 강릉 RUSH (2018. 10. 20)🔥

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1) Intro
2) Time to fight
3) Answer me
4) 흔적
5) Still of the night(cover)
6) Rock on
7) Final countdown(cover)


Seoul, South Korea

These four ladies are Korean hard rock bands 'DIH' with unique charm and powerful technique. The band name 'DIH' means that they inherited the enthusiastic talents of the old ancestors of Korea. The members with their distinct personality and skills are: Sena(Vocal, Guitar), Yujin(Guitar), Tina(Bass), Esther(Drums).#